“It's looking stunning. Nice work. Some of these shots look like Monet paintings.” Bozeman, MT Resident

“You and your team have done a fantastic job with this cut.  You've really re-worked that last segment so the pacing is smooth and the content is easy to follow. Tim was a very good choice for narrator.  He brings the right emotion to the text.  The music is really nice; it's majestic in the right places and has the right undertones for the various locations” Public Television Executive

“It is absolutely awesome. Fabulous, majestic, memorable, beautiful, inspiring, holds attention, the historic pictures are wonderful, editing's terrific, the writing's inspiring and the whole thing's brilliantly paced. Twenty thumbs-up. You have done an important American icon a huge service, and you have stood on the shoulders of many others who have stewarded and cared for this great treasure, and have then added new dimension and perspective.  I think your work will be of great interest to many.” Yellowstone National Park Ranger

“As someone who has lived and worked in Yellowstone National Park and who is familiar with the landscape, it was wonderful to see a new, magical Yellowstone from above. To see favorite places--such as Lamar Valley, Mt. Washburn, Norris Geyser Basin--through the vantage point that usually only an eagle soaring overhead is able to enjoy, made watching this film an amazing experience. I'll never look at Yellowstone the same way again!” Yellowstone Scholar

What a ride. Not only do you get to visit the park from the one of the most scenic angles possible you are in for visits to areas that are not accessible by road and maybe the only way to view these areas of the park. The production team covers the park from top to bottom and also follows the figure 8 main road loop that is the most popular tour of the park. They also make good use of historic photos and ground level shots that enhance the aerial visuals. The PBS showings all appear to be in standard definition TV fare which means the quality is VHS. Even if the PBS station says it broadcasts in HD the viewings I have seen are all of lower quality. The show is too good and the scenery way too great to let this be your trip Above Yellowstone. Rated 3.5 out of 4.0 reasons this Above documentary is way up there. Karl Scott (Norco, CA)

"Got it in the mail today!  Spectacular.  Loved it." Mary (Livingston, MT)

“Your film is awesome!!  A friend in Livingston, MT shared it with me, and I am inspired all over again...thank you so much for your efforts and sharing this!” Ray (Livingston, MT)

“It’s superb! Well done. I showed it to a friend who has backpacked that country and he said it was phenomenal, the best Yellowstone film in years.” Diane (West Yellowstone, MT)

“We were blown away by what you did.” John (Silver Gate, MT)